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no pain, no gain

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1st November 2006

6:47pm: halloween

me, my nephew, my boy friend, the mom,
 [and my brother was there too]
we carved pumpkins !!


28th July 2006

5:45pm: i love my boyfriend.
hes perfect =]

i have updated in like a year. but whatever.

ive pretty much been up to the same old.
hanging out with ashlye lindsay and angela.
because i love them bunches.

6th November 2005

4:35pm: yeah. im pretty much grounded for like.. ever

but my halloween was great. i went with julie, britney, ryan, charlie and cox! it was oooodles of fun.
and my week was awesome too. school is great.

saturday/ me and anglea walked down town and stuff and played games in the library haha. yea. downtown is madd chill though. i even went to the green bean. its a juice bar. i got an apple juice. it was yummy

Current Mood: naughty

7th October 2005


lately i havent been up to too much stuff. volley ball is getting good. we won a game against fairhaven hehe. weve got a better record than JV yessahh go us! umm the other day angela came over and we went to penara to eat and then we went to mall and stuff. it was a blast then we went to lowes to get a key. and i was sad for two reasons.. 1. i couldnt run around because i duno whenever i am in them stores they make me happy and want to run and jump around and 2. i couldnt fit in the cool race car carriges. then we went back to my house and she left at 10. it was a blast! and yesterday after volley ball practice i had some cake and iwas really happy and then i was even more happy cuz i went to nates work to say hi and he a cute little name tag haha i was jelous AND i was eating teddy grahms,  bu thtye were stale =[  .then today i felt super extra happy and so i dressed it. and later i think im goin to go to the fairhaven game and then to wonderbowl to go light up bowlin hehe! i was supose to go to the space but oh well!
the honkatonk badonkadonk. yea i sweat that song. kk leave comments. <3

30th August 2005

7:55pm: lalalala <333

21st August 2005


the past couple days have been pretty messed up, but lets not get into the bad stuff.
friday: jordan and angela came over.&&&& we ate some of the ice cream stuff that i made. it tasted better than it looked. then jordan left and angie almost slept over so we could watch texas chain saw massacure. the new one. but that didnt happen. soo we talked on the phone for a long time. it was fun fun.
Saturday. i went to a beach clean up and found drugs haha. then i went to a party and ate madddd food. lala. then stephy came over and we watched american history x. and we got hungry so we wanted to make hamburgers.. man them little shits are hard to get apart haha. thennnnn we i dont remember. && we called evan then then nate called me and then we played magnet darts and BULLSEYE haha ohhh boy. then at like 10:50 my mommy brough her home.. but first we went to WENDY's and got a CHEESY POTAOE. god! it was good.
sunday: went to the redneck i mean rochester fair. i saw a few poeple i knew but i didnt say hi.so girl gave me and my friend each a dollar to go into the petting zoo =]
and i pet a duck and a fuzzy chicken! i named the duck charles. then it was mega hott so i went swimming. then to the whip which sucked. and walkin homee nate came on the blaster soo  i chilled with him. hes fun.

i like him. =]

ps. i saw the nigga duck today too. i thought he died. but he didnt =]

12th August 2005

9:45pm: from wednesday.
the first pic is my starting my wall.
the rest are swimming

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.comsunset and my kitty

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

WOOO BK crowns!!

and me

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
belly belly belly

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

7th August 2005

2:46pm: Read more...Collapse )
Test 1:
This test is weird. Test yourself, but remember - The most important thing
is to follow the instructions very carefully and not to scroll down too fast.
Now, count the following easy calculations in your head as quickly as
you can. It might help you if you say the answers aloud.
Follow the instructions one at a time and as fast as possible.

How much is:

2 + 2?

8 + 8?

16 + 16?

Fast! Think of a number between 12 and 5.

Ready? Don't change your original number!

Scroll down!

The number you chose was 7.

Strange, right?!?

Test 2:
How much is:

1 + 5?

3 + 3?

4 + 2?

5 + 1?

Repeat the number 6 in your head as fast as possible
for 15 seconds.


Think, think...

You were thinking about a CARROT, weren't you!?!
Really weird, right!?!?!

Test 3:
Say the following number aloud!
Do it fast!

Fast! Choose a color and a tool!

Thought of one of each? Don't change the original!

You answered: red and hammer

Didn't you?!

i dont know about you, but they read my mind all 3 times!

2nd August 2005


poeple need to comment >:-O




on sunday i went fishing. i got a large mouth bass =]

nate called to hang out  the one time i dont have my phone, so we didnt. and im sad cuz i havent seen him in over a week =[!

today. angie came over, she brought my to my appointment. only a few more months for braces =D! we browsed the mall and in pac sun the clothes rack attacked me hahah. im not even lying. then to newburys wher ang got hawt shades. she got a tatoo today too. i was supposed to hang out with nate today, but hes dumb and i duno what happened so we didnt =[

tomorrow is 6flags. rollercoasters here i come!! weeee



30th July 2005

3:41pm: Image hosted by Photobucket.com
jordan made that for me =]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
me and craig did this together
Current Mood: lalala

25th July 2005

1:05pm: i had four popsicles yesterday

2 cotton candy

14th July 2005

9:19pm: today was a fun day
i hung out with angela. then me her and alex went to papa ginos and they ate. then we got nate Image hosted by Photobucket.com<33333 and we were going to go to the beach to watch teh sun set but nate just got his cast off and decided to try his dirtbike so by time we got him it was to late for that. so we went to alex's. i like nate to the max!

i went to this thing. and they were like if you come for all 6 thursdays, we will give you 100$. so im going. after that place, i went to the mall with sam!and got my first holister thing.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

me and sam had mc flurries <3

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and we had gangster hats
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Current Mood: anxious

8th July 2005

4:43pm: i <3 someone special

kk sooo friday night it was pouring. me and zach went riding. talk about being muddy. i loved it. then when it was so dark we couldnt see, we grabbed alex and went mud wrestling.niiice. then we stopped by evans to see if he wanted to join but he was a pussy because he said he was too clean. then we jumped in the pond to clean off and skinny dipped. i came home with nothing but a towel and my dad was like wtf? where have you been? hah i loved it

saturday- went riding in the mudd again. woodtick called me his little hunny. haha that guy is awesome.

today - fixed my chain because it fell off but i still need to fix my flat.. which sucks because its a beautiful day to be riding <3

im a mud fucker <3

20th April 2005

10:48pm: life is so great =D
Current Mood: hot

9th January 2005

1:46pm: lifes been good. doing alot of thinkin about graduation. as much as i wanna leave school, i dont want to live my friends cuz i know that bond wont be there between us once we are in high school. but i know we will always keep in touch somewhat and be happy with where ever live will lead <3 class of '05 <3 as for boys, eh i duno. im tired of trying to get one. still liken nate though, hope we can hang out eventually.
i think who ever reads this should post a comment about anything, i dont care what. it can be the most random thing. make me feel cool <3 hehe
::.. alyssa ..::

12th November 2004

7:11pm: last night i had a dream... it was how to cut french toast. it was in a complicated fashion. ..... julie keeps BUGGIN on the cat; its madd funny
Current Mood: mischievous

24th October 2004

3:46pm: new journal thing

im the master of the llamas
i wish i had my pajamas
i've never been to the bahamamas
Current Mood: cold

18th September 2004

10:24pm: VolcomStone41383: my stupid cousin made me go to a c moore and since everywhere i go i do somethin stupid theres this isle full of like plants and vines and stuff so i kept on hiding in the vines and scarin people and got kicked out
VolcomStone41383: it was cool like i was in the army sneaking through the brush

15th September 2004

8:44pm: alan is hott. he came to my house with angela today, we read him books sang some songs and played with the bouncing tigger. it was fun.

13th September 2004

8:14pm: story
Its starts out with paul (played by tom cruise .......damn u) riding in with the zombies are comin the zombies are comin

everyone flees for the hills as british zombies attack

Paul:stupid zombies. other guy: who coulda done this. paul:i dunno lets ask that diembodied voice that talks all deep from various video games in cinematics explanin things to u. other guy:ok

Disembodied voice: it was a dark stormy night when king George 3 accidently farted makin a slight rumble knoking over a potion. the potion fell into his toilet mixing with urine germs forming horrible flesh eating monsters of whom were ordered to attack americans. Paul: whOa

Other guy: so ur sayin that this evil guy who created evil zombies that are evil are attacking americans. evilly. Paul: uhhh......yea i guess so

other guy: we have to do somethin. Paul: lets go to ye olde racoon city

other guy: ok

Disembodied voice: paul and the other guy travel at high speeds (five miles an hour to be exact) to reach the city. they encounter many zombies

Disembodied voice: suddenly out of nowhere paul and the other guy are atacked by a giant version of jim belushi who retartedly stumbled into a time machine and turns himself into a fat bumbling zombie

he attacks them with hoagie blasts and big mac bombardments (wut ever those are.......crazy pokemon)

Paul and the other guy nrrowly escape the clutches of jim belushi and destroy all the zombies thus ending the revolution



25th August 2004

12:49pm: this is for julie
my pet!

24th August 2004

9:31pm: i dont know how to feel
ok today was pretty cool, for the most part. went over julies. my ride was so cool. i was stylin' man. (conver bmw) got here. waited forever. then it was 5 so we met up with eric, and ryan. i like him so much. but i would have felt really bad if i flirted cuz i HAD a bf. then i called to see if shuan was home.. his dad answered and we talked... he sed that they were all prolly ganna go up north with us.. so that really didnt help with my desion cuz i've always like dreamed goin up north with shaun. so then we tried to make a fire. we couldnt so julies mommade it for us. she is the fire queen. then we chilled by the fire. some hands need warming up.. then it was time for the boys to go home . droped them off. came back.... and yea i did what i had to do.. i had to dump shaun. but it for the better not another boy. cuz like he wouldnt even put an effort into seeing me and shit, and there are so many guys who like me right now ( like 3) and they said they would do incredible thing( ha) ( went a lil far there) to come chill with me. and why stay with someone who like lives right down the street from me, not even hang out with me, talk to me online, and call me once a week maybe once that is. so i think im better off, even tho it hurts cuz i still like him and the party and nh will be the biggest tease ever.. but i duno.. so yea im single everyone... big woop di do...
Current Mood: so fuckin shitty

20th August 2004

6:29pm: my pet!
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